Business Structure Filing

File for your LLC and EIN with Start Now Consulting! We have a competitive market rate of just $300.00 which includes fees associated with state filing. We require a $150.00 Deposit to start the filing process. 

Business Plan and Strategy Consultation

Start Now Consulting can write your business plan for you to present to investors! We will conduct the market research needed for you to start your business, and create a business plan that fits your business needs. 

We also provide startup strategy consulting for those who are starting their first business and aren't really sure where to get started.

Website Services Consultation

Do you like our website?  Start Now Consulting can build your business a professional and easy to use website! 

We also provide consulting on websites that are already up and running! We conduct a site analysis to make sure that the logic of your website is correctly running, as well as check for grammatical/spelling errors, and operational deficiencies.

Business Discipline Coaching Consultation

One of the hardest parts about starting a business is consistency, especially at first. Book with one of our business discipline coaches can help you create goals for your new business, as well as act as accountability partners and motivators for you to keep crushing your business goals. This package includes a minimum twice/ week coaching session as well as a Start Now consultant progress tracker.

Business Process Streamline Consultation

Looking to scale your new business through efficiency? Hire a Start Now consultant to analyze your business process, and figure out ways that you can automate your business and make it more efficient. 

Business Network Enhancement Consultation

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Google ads aren't enough exposure for small businesses. Start Now Consulting can put your business on platforms where individuals are looking to support small and local businesses! 

Business Research Consultation

Business research is the most important part of starting any business. It is key that you understand the market conditions, how to create a supply chain for your product, and your target market in order for your business to be successful. Start Now Consulting conducts market analysis' for our clients so that they are able to go into their business ventures competitively and knowledgable.

General Consultation

If you need one or more of our services and want to set up a general consultation or inquiry about our services, please send an email to 

Also, feel free to download our e-book and become a member of our blog post community for small business updates and trends!

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